This page was created to highlight some of the pre-hospital care, care under fire, and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) techniques I instruct.  I teach Tactical First Aid and Tactical First Responder as an associate Instructor at the California Highway Patrol's Emergency Medical Services Unit. I also train corporate security and protective details, SWAT teams and numerous local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies on these and other disciplines.  I now train the ordinary citizen who finds themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

 I know you'll find a huge appreciation for the information that you'll receive in our course.  There are so few entities that actually teach civilians Emergency Casualty Care (4.5 hours) ​This is a “no nonsense” 4.5 hour course designed for non-medical persons, such as teachers, event staff, corporations, hunters or private citizens.  This course is adapted from modern tactical medicine as taught to our military and special operations law enforcement personnel.  Concepts covered in this course include how to address immediate life-threatening injuries and treat the most commonly encountered preventable causes of death.  This is NOT a typical basic first aid class.  It will address specific injuries seen with penetrating and other physical trauma commonly encountered in catastrophic events.  This course will also provide you with tools to survive a critical situation.  Attendees should be prepared to engage in practical, hands-on exercises, which will leave you far better prepared to respond and react to critical situations.  

Governor's Protective Detail, Dignitary Protection, Judicial Protection Section and Assembly Sergeants being trained in emergency enroute care -July 22, 2015.  An example of a "Load and Go"/ enroute care training.

CHP Instructor Training Class; CHP Academy Gym

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The trauma gear in our TF-717 Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is strongly recommended for all outdoor enthusiasts, as well as for home and vehicle use. Purchase of the IFAK is not required to attending our Tactical First Aid - Citizen "TFA-C" Class, as we will go over every item during class and teach you how to use them. 

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              CARE UNDER FIRE

I began training Foreign Nationals in "Care Under Fire" while deployed to Central and South America during numerous Foreign Internal Defense (FID's) and  Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO's) while in Naval Special Boat Teams after 911.  During that time I was the assigned SWAT Paramedic.  I moved to a National Guard MEDEVAC unit while at the same time was assigned as a Flight Paramedic in the California Highway Patrol.  I've served as a Ground Medic in Iraq and Flight Medic in Afghanistan.  I now guest instruct and have taught countless SWAT teams, Warrant Service Teams, Dignitary Protective detains, Private Security Details, CHP Officers and Cadets in the art of "Care Under Fire".  Here are just a few images for your viewing pleasure. 

The following training images are of me training Law Enforcement personnel...though similar skills are taught in TFA-C for civilians.

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